Hello & Welcome to the AcquiaThemes Support Forum!

Access to the support forum is restricted to verified buyers only. To apply for access, first create a new account and follow the on screen instructions. Theme support is offered by forum only, Support requests made by email, tweet or any other method will be redirected to the forum.

Average Queue Time: We try to answer tickets within one business day, but depending on the current load the wait time can be slightly longer.

Please Note Before Posting: Every time you post a new comment before we have a chance to respond your tickets gets unintentionally bumped to the bottom of the queue since tickets on our end are sorted from oldest to newest in terms of last comment posted. If you have additional comments prior to us responding, please edit them into the initial post.

Before posting, please ensure:

  • Your theme version is up to date.
  • Your Modules are up to date. If a module is indeed causing your issue, include the name of the module in the ticket.
  • Your Drupal installation is up to date

Thanks for purchasing our theme & have a great day!

Amir Khakshour

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