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Catalog Filter

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Ed Terano

Hello Carlos,

I use Aura theme with a few websites, but ( is the only website where (catalog-filter) is not working properly ..
I tried everything, I rebuilt this website here ( and then I just transferred, but still do not know why only on this domain is not working ..
Maybe it's something about PHP or Permissions (?) Any help or ideas would be much appreciated ..!

I contacted the people at my server and I got this response:
I’m sorry for the trouble you are experiencing. Unfortunately, there appears to be some coding with your javascript. Firebug shows the following error at URL:
" Object[,,,,,]"

Thanks, Ed

Solved !

When I remove (Mini Shopping cart) block from the Header, the filter does not work and the sign (#) appears.
When I put back this bock in (Header) the filter works again .. (!)