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Duplicate Portfolio Type

Greg Smith

Hi, I’m relatively impressed with Aura on a whole—so congrats. However, I’m really confused about the thinking behind the portfolio functionalty. As a developer it seems insanse that so much work was put into allowing for ONE PAGE with the portfolio functionality. I’m currently developing a site for a client and I can’t justify having one portfolio page  (w/ aura’s functionality, look and feel, button styling etc.) styled in one way and another (developed by me, because your portfolio functionlaity cannot be readily duplicated) styled another way... so I actually feel ‘boxed in’ by the choices you’ve made. Shouldn’t I feel liberated by your amazing theme?

So I have to be able to duplicate the porftolio content type, I hope you can help me make that happen.

I tried duplicating the content type as per: and this did not work, I will try it again. 

I recall seeing a thread where someone requested for portfolio filtering by tag (e.g. so you could have one portfolio ONLY showing projects tagged with ‘Y’ or ‘Z’, and another ONLY showing projects tagged with ‘W’)—this seems like such a simple fix—and you said that was coming in 1.16, but it is not there. I of coures cannot find this post anymore. Is there any possibility this functionality could be iplemented in 1.17? It seems like it would really open up what you could do with the portfolio content type.


Same here, looking for the same functonality. 

Hope this will be fixed soon.  

-Sindri Snær


Anything new ? I eneded up using Views to create portfolios filtering however They are un-styled and looks inconsisten in respect to the whole experience.

As you can see—still no reply. This bodes well for the future of supporting this site for my client. I’m past the point of no return with my development but regrettting selecting this theme at the moment.