status : Open priority : High type : Bug



i seem to be getting the following error randomly (see attachement)


any update on this?

Hello! would like to get this solved!

Ok it has almost been 2 months now, i really need this solved now!


Sorry for the very late response, 

It seems that you have enable Flickr share button while flickr has no API for extracting image from your links!

So please try disabling the share links for Flickr on these two pages:

1- admin/acquia/ac-blog/general

2- admin/acquia/ac-portfolio/genral

Best Regards,

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Ok that did the trick. Also had to disable instagram

Is there a way of getting these to work?
Do i need an additional module?


hello would like an answer on this after 2 month!


Also where can i download newer versions of the Aura themplate?