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flickr images


I use alot and big images on the portfolio page. Now i have a a pro flickr account, and put all my images there.

To reduce traffic on the site, i would like to be abble to link these pictures.

In the portfolio items you can use preview asset, to show pictures. Now if i use web and past the flicr link, it actually downloads the picture to the server. Is it possible that it does not download it, but just uses the link? so if poeple see the picture, the traffic is through flickr and not my server...

 And it would also be nice if there would be a flickr module to link a specific flickr album. (visual designer item)


Hallo, would like some support please!

Ok it has almost been 2 months now, i really need this solved now!


Unfortuntely it needs theme customizations and support does not include theme customizations.

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Ok thank you.

How much would it cost to have this implemented?

no answer on this?