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How to deactivate like-buttons @ portfolio-pages


Can I deactivate the like-button (that counts likes) at a single portfolio-page?
Thank you




To remove Like button from portfolio page, You can try removing $like_btn variable from node--portfolio-full.tpl.php template, just copy the template from sites/all/modules/acquia/modules/ac_portfolio/theme directory, place it under sites/all/themes/aura_sub/theme folder, remove the following code at line #80:

<?php print $like_btn; ?>


save the changes and clear the cache.

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At least I used css to set it invisible (display: none;).

Just asked. Maybe there is a button anywhere doing the same.

Thank you for your quick support.
Amazing work! 

that worked - Thank you Jonnamh13


The solution for removing $like_btn variable is not working on my end. I have copied the above mentioned folder to the theme template and commented the code at line #80. I even commented the code in modules/ac_portfolio/theme and cleared cache several times , the like btn still persistson portfolio page.