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Using complex tabs....

Tim Koscielski

I am just getting going with this template for a site and you have in the demo a tabbed interface with some complex elements inside of this.  How do you create this type of interface with the Visual Composer?  I tried using the Tabs element, but then could not insert objects inside the tabs which I thought I'd be able to do.  In the documentation for the Composer, it does indicate that you can't create complex items inside this complex item.

So back to the question, how do you create a tabbed interface like the one below where you haver three sections/tabs "Web Design" | "Consulting" | "Programming" in the demo?

Hi Tim,

you can add any content inside Tabs shortcode just like the demo, but first you need to add a row element as the parent of all elements inside the tab. i recommend you to take a look at Demo website > Home page content.

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The demo site ( provides no help that I have been able to locate. The home page has tabs with no instructions on how to duplicate it. The shortcodes section for tabs ( does not provide the shortcode that generates the various options being displayed. What would be great is you could explain how to create a tab system in Visual Composer or provide the specific link that has the shortcode to generate tabs. Thanks!