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Visual Composer is not working

Rupert Mahner


i've got several issues with the VC and editing content:


1. The VC is not working. If I try to ad content, I get an AJAX error message.

"Eine AJAX-Anfrage ist abnormal beendet worden.
Im Folgenden finden Sie Debugging-Informationen.
Statustext: error
ReadyState: 0"

The log file is attached.


2. When I try to edit a node with a silder, the edit view shows me all pictures that are in the slide, side to side. That means, I have to scroll quite far right to edit the content I was really interested in. Is there a way to avoid that?


3. In Chrome, the Topbar icons are missing.


4. I have pages with two different vimeo-badges in it. When I try to edit one of those, the first badge is immeadiatly deleted.

How can this be avoided? Or does it have to do with the VC issue?


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Can you please provide the URL and login credentials so i can check? and let me know what version of AURA are you using? since there was an issue on websites not supporting Clean URLs in AURA version 1.4. 

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Regarding the VC you need to enable MCE editor on the field so please before enabling VS  click on Enable rich-text link in the top right of editor.

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The VC unfortunatly still doesn't work. I can add an element, but I can't define the content of it. I get only the waiting points.


It seems to be that the theme has got problems with overlays in the administratiation area (e.g. )


And some stylings seem to be unlinked: As in, the social icons on the sidebar, have bullet points. That doesn't seem to be correct. I had this experience also when I wanted to have a dropdown menu in the topbar menu.


Thanks for your help.




Hi again,

regarding the fonts issue it's called Cross domain font-face issue, to reolve it you can either redirect requests to your website from to (removed the www. section) or just add the below to the .htaccess file in the root directory of your installation:

Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"

and about VC on Drupal overlay we try to fix it in the upcoming version of AURA.

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Thanks for your response.

Sometimes, the visual composer works. But I still can't create certain elements - eg. Google maps. It simply doesn't show the map.

And another thing, but maybe these are connected? When I enter the site by, social icons and the Topbar images are missing.


How can I get Google maps with the VC to work?

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